Sightseeing highlights of Dalat (SEA 85)

Sightseeing highlights of Dalat (SEA 85)

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Today I´ve rented a mountain bike in this 180.000 citizens city of Central Vietnam and drove over to the “Crazy House”. It is one most crazy houses worldwide. The 72 year owner has studied architecture in Russia before she came back to Vietnam to built this house in 1990. For her the house will never be finished and the in- and outside is like a big painting. Today the house is also a hotel and if you bring enough money you can stay in this crazy place. In some details it looks like the house of Cäsar Manrique on Lanzarote.

Not far away from the house is the Linh-Phuoc-Pagoda. A temple that also looks a bit crazy. But it is so detailed that a visit here is absolutely worth it.

After the temple I drove up- and downhill to search some street food. On a small street food stall I ate a delicious Vietnamese Phó and had a coffee before I visited the Flower Park of Dalat. It is a big park in the center of Dalat and if you pay the cheap entrance fee you can take a sit on one of the banks and watch the beautiful garden with all its colorful plants and flowers. Bring a snack and drink and make a rest here.

Tomorrow I´ll take the bike to drive to the outside of Dalat. There I´d like to visit the Elephant Falls and some other highlights near the city.

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