Relaxing at the An Bang beach (SEA 90)

Relaxing at the An Bang beach (SEA 90)

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Today I realized that I haven´t had enough sleep during the last two days and so I decided to go to the An Bang beach 4 km away from Hoi An. The long and white beach is developed for tourists on only 300 – 400 meters and so you have enough space to spend some time alone. The beach is 7 km long and so I found a lonely place to swim and relax on the beach. For the first time I thought about the end of my trip. 90 days are over and it is hard to realize that I only have 9 full days left until I will take the plane in Hanoi.

On the way to the beach I met a local farmer who “forced” me to take some picture of me wearing his hut. That´s the reason I have these posed pictures.

I came back to Hoi An during the sunset and for one more time I could enjoy the atmosphere of this lovely city. The lights where flickering in the water and the best way to enjoy it is sitting next to it.

Tomorrow I will go to Hue and my final destination Hanoi is coming nearer and nearer.

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