The L1 to Brescia: Reintalangerhütte – Tillfussalm (Alps 3)

View back in the valley

The L1 to Brescia: Reintalangerhütte – Tillfussalm (Alps 3)

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A sunny morning

We had a hard night in our dorm. At least two guys where snoring hardly and if you wake up once it is hard to fall asleep again. Even when you wear some earplugs. We forced our tired bones to get up and after a refreshing stay in the bathroom we paid our beds and started to walk. We still had some fruits and muesli bars so we started without breakfast agein. The first part was from the Reintalangerhütte to the Knorrhütte. We walked to the end of the Partnach and we could see a lofy rock wall in front of us. It seemed like there is noch path up to the next lodge. But when we came closer we could see a small trail. It was a hard climb and our hearts where bumping. The perfect morning sports and the perfect thing to forget about the sleepless night. When we reached the top of the rock wall at the end of the Partnach valley the morning sun was shining and we had a great view back at the Partnach and the Reintalangerhütte.

Lunch at Knorrhütte (2.051 m)

After two hours we reached the Knorrhütte which is also a part of the Zugspitz-Tour. One more time we couldn´t see the highest mountain of Germany becaus the peak was covered by fog. We had a vegetable soup and a 30 minutes nap at the lodge. Now we could feel that we haven´t had enough sleep the last night. But we had to walk on. Our destination was another 3 hours walk away from here. So we got up from our short nap and followed the trail to the German – Austrian border. This place at the border is called “Gatterl” (2.024 m). At the Gatterl is a metal gate and I have no idea why. We crossed the border and climbed down at a small path until we reached the Feldern Jöchl (2.041 m) and 15 minutes later the Wannigjöchl (2.168 m).

Rain at the Steinernes Hüttl (1.930 m)

The weather had changed after we had crossed the border. The wind was getting stronger and could darkened the sky. From the Wannigjöchl we had to walk down hill to the Steinernes Hüttl. When we reached this little wooden hut it started to rain. So we decided to wait and have a cold beer. Four hikers showed up and we had some small talk. The guys decided to stay at the hut because it was still raining. But we packed our backpacks and walked down hill to reach our Destination for today. The Tillfussalm (1.382 m). Our our last part for today the rain stopped after 30 minutes and the sun came out again. We where happy that we had decided to walk further because we could see many cow herds and also some marmots.

Good food and some beers

The Tillfussalm on 1.382 m has some comfortable beds and we got two in an seperate room. The best thing for today was the warm shower. What a great feeling! The tentants of the Tillfussalm is a local family and they also offer breakfast and lunch. We ordered some Kaspressknödel with sauerkraut and salad. An super delicious Austrian dish. If you haven´t tried it jet you should eat it asap! We orderd a local beer and when we had finished our lunch another group of four hikers showed up. We started to have a good conversation and we had some beers more. I could force myself to go to bed at one point but Matthias missed this point. I felt to sleep after my head had contact with the pillow and I couldn´t hear Matthias entering the room.

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