Noise and Smog in Kuala Lumpur (SEA 7)

Noise and Smog in Kuala Lumpur (SEA 7)

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After a week I stared to get into it. I checked out the local bus system easily. I organized my bus to Kuala Lumpur within 30 minutes. Everything worked out fine. The bus system in Malaysia is comfortable and the best way to travel as a backpacker. The trip from Malacca to Kuala Lumpur is only two hours but the difference is gigantic.

When you step out the air conditioned bus it feels like you run through a wall built of heat and smog. The wall seem to be surrounded by noise wherever you stand and walk. So what can I say. Kuala Lumpur is the national capital of Malaysia and also the most populous city of this country. It is among the fastest growing metropolitan regions in South-East Asia, in terms of population and economy. And that is what I could feel in the first few minutes.

I found a hostel in Chinatown (definitely the cheapest place to stay in KL as a backpacker) and met my housemate Matthias who started to travel in KL 3 days ago. We decided to leave Kuala Lumpur asap and made an appointment for a sightseeing tour the next day. Our plan was to leave the smoggy city in direction Cameron Highlands the day after tomorrow. For dinner we went out to a street food place at Petaling Street in Chinatown. The best and cheapest option to find good street food in Kuala Lumpur.

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