My first day in the north of Laos (SEA 58)

My first day in the north of Laos (SEA 58)

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At 7 am a short night came to an end and but I could enjoy the warm morning sun on the terrace of my guesthouse.

Without breakfast (nobody was here in the guesthouse) I walked down to the river to take a boat to cross the border. But as I realized soon the border wasn´t there anymore. The border now is 7 km away on the outside of Chiang Khong. OK, that makes sence…
So I had to take a Tuk Tuk to get to the new built border. The border cross was easy as always. After 20 minutes I had my feet on Laotian ground.

I shared a Tuk Tuk to get to a small bus station where I got a seat on a local bus in direction Luang Namtha. The bus is old as hell and the seats are uncomfortable but I happy to have a seat. Some people are sitting in the middle of the bus on small plastic chairs. Right in front of my a chicken is making some noise. A funny and bumpy busride.

Now I enjoy the view out of the window where the jungle of north Laos is passing by. My ass hurts from the bumpy ride and the uncomfortable seat but this view makes me forget about the pain.

When we arrive in Luang Lamtha I´m searching for a cheap guesthouse and tomorrow my plan is to rent a mountain bike to make a big tour in the jungle around the small city.

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