Disgusting food on Don Det (SEA 70)

Disgusting food on Don Det (SEA 70)

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I´ve been out to look for a traditional Laotian soup this morning. I asked a local guy where I can find this soup and he pointed on a restaurant right next to me. Without thinking about it (I was hungry as hell) I went there and ordered the soup. While I waited for the soup I had a reflex to leave this place. But I stayed. I had the halve soup and it tasted disgusting. I left the place and found 50.000 Kip on the street. The only good thing this morning.

My plan was to go out with a boat to another waterfall where it is possible to see Mekong dolphins. But I had to stay in the bungalow. I felt bad. Very bad. And it became worse. Hopefully I´m feeling better tomorrow.

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