Nonya Sambal with Seafood

Nonya Sambal with Seafood

Sambal in Malaysia and Singapur are the foundation for some many dishes in this region of South East Asia. The Nonya Sambal is uncooked and pounded, puréed, or finely chopped; made with chili, shallots or onions, and garlic, the pastes also incorporate a wide range of ingredients, like shrimp paste, palm sugar, and lemongrass. While the pastes taste balanced as they are, feel free to experiment with additions of candlenuts, lemongrass, and tamarind juice, depending on your specific tastes.


lactose free fish

1 pack Nonya Sambal Paste
100 ml water
3 carrots, thinly sliced
200 g seafood (prawns or/and squid)
120 g tomatoes, quatered
1 fresh lime, juice
2 green onions, sliced in 2 cm pieces
3 red chilis
2 tbs neutral oil
150 g peanuts, roasted
Fresh basil leaves for serving

Stir fry onions and chilies in neutral oil for 2 minutes.
Add carrots and friy for another 2 minutes.
Reduce heat and add shimp or/and squid with the lime Juice.
Fry till almost cooked.
Add the paste and the water (maybe you need less or more, depends on the seafood you use).
After 2 more monutes shut down heat and add spring onions and tomatoes.
Mix well and leave in the hot pan for another Minute.
Serve with fresh basil leaves, rice and rosted Peanuts.

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