Nepal: Reconstruction after the Earthquake

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Now we come closer to the date that has changed everything in many regions of Nepal. On 25th of April 2015 a massive earthquake with the magnitude of 7,8 destroyed many villages and big parts of the capital Kathmandu. 9000 People where killed, more than 10.000 had been injured and 600.000 houses have been destroyed. Millions of people became homeless on this black day.

Now the reconstructions are in full progress. Many aid organizations and local workers are doing a hard work to rebuilt the destroyed buildings. The aid agency “Care” thinks that the work will take some more time. “If we work hard it will take about 3-5 years until everything is rebuild.” Shanti Griha, Rajiv Nepali (One of the employees of Care) told the international press on Tuesday.  Some aid workers in Nepal told us that many People have to live in gency shelters for a longer time.

Nepali also said that his organization supporters the residents in drinking water production, the rebuilding of houses, schools and infrastructure.

Especially the  people in the villages started to have a strong solidarity and help each other where ever it is necessary. The government didn´t support the residents that much. In the beginning the army and the police did some emergency aid but that was all. The government paid the residents around 150 Euro (165 Dollar) but since that time there was no more help.

The next week the government planes to give some cheap credits to the affected people in Nepal. There is still a lot of work to do and you all can support the locals.

I think the best support is to travel to Nepal and visit this beautiful country.


Destroyed houses in Khokana

Pictures by CARE:

Johanna Mitscherlich & Lucy Beck


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