Laotian Fermented Pork (Som Moo)

Laotian Fermented Pork (Som Moo)

Som moo, or naem moo, OR naem, literally “sour pork” or “nem pork”, is a type of preserved pork sausage that is a traditional celebratory food from Vietnam. It is made from raw ground pork and shredded pork skin. A thin layer of star gooseberry leaves, guava leaves, or fig leaves.. are used to wrap a small lump of raw ground pork and skin. Som Moo can be found in many asian supermarkets, sometimes in small packets, sometimes in large blocks. It´s a great snack or can be used in many other dishes like the laotian Rice Ball Salad (Nam Khao)! It can be eaten “as is”, or cooked, though the former is more preferred. But today we show you a homemade Som Moo version. It is (like all homemade things) much better than the one you´ll find in the supermarkets. Our recipe is for 1 kg Som Moo!


gluten free lactose free meat

800 g minced pork
150 g pork skin
20 g salt
40 g garlic, chopped
40 g Sticky Rice, washed & cooked
Red chili, chopped – As much as you like (or as much you can handle)

Cut pork skin in thin slices. Add minced pork, salt and garlic in a bowl and knead for 2-3 minutes.
Add cooked sticky rice and knead again. Mix with chopped red chilies and knead for 10 more minutes.

Use a plastic wrap to roll a sausage. Leave the sausage in the fridge for 24 hours.

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