Laotian Crispy Rice Salad (Nam Khao)

Laotian Crispy Rice Salad (Nam Khao)

Nam khao is a laotian kind of rice salad made with fried rice balls. It´s a bit work to prepare it but if you had it once you agree that it´s absolutely worth it! Nam khao is traditionally eaten as a wrap by filling individual leaves with a spoonful of the tangy Nam khao mixture and then topping it with fresh herbs and dried chili peppers. The traditional Lao method of making Nam khao involves seasoning a batch of cooked rice with red curry paste, sugar, salt, and grated coconut, and then forming the mixture into tightly packed large rice balls to be coated with eggs and then deep-fried to form crispy rice balls. Prior to serving, the crispy rice balls are broken into little chunks of rice and then mixed with the rest of the ingredients to form the eventual crispy rice salad. Nam khao is a very popular Lao appetizer that is gaining popularity in the West.


gluten free lactose free meat

5 garlic cloves, chopped
6 tbs finely sliced lemon grass
5 kaffir lime leaves finely sliced.
3 tbs ginger
2 tsp peppercorn powder
50 g desiccated coconut (coconut flakes)
½ bunch spring onions, chopped
2 tsp palm sugar
2 tbs fish sauce
2 eggs
500 g hot steamed rice
Vegetable oil for frying
125 g pork mince

Ingredients (For the salad)
Lime or lemon juice for adding to the finished salad for taste.
1 bunch fresh coriander, chopped
3 tbs chicken stock
Roasted peanuts
2-4 red chilies, chopped
350 g of sour pork (som moo)

Combine all ingredients for the rice balls in a large bowl until well mixed through. Using your hands, roll the mixture into palm-sized balls. Put them into hot oil to deep fry until they turn brown.

Drain from oil and let them cool before breaking them up into small pieces. Mix in the som moo which has been shredded into small pieces.

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