Don Det in Laos – A sin city for backpackers (SEA 69)

Don Det in Laos – A sin city for backpackers (SEA 69)

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This morning a small motor boat brought us downstream the Mekong to the little island Don Det. On both riversides we could see the beautiful landscape of the 4000 Islands. And I realized why this area is one of the most visited parts of Laos.

On Don Det we booked a bungalow for 2,30 € per night and person. That´s not cheap but okay. Then I rented a bike and we did a tour around the island. We also visited the neighbor island witch you can reach over a bridge. There we spent some time at the Tad Somphamit waterfalls where water seems to fall down from all direction. At the bottom of the waterfall you can find a sandy beach. Swimming is´nt possible because of the strong vortex in the water. But staying here is absolutely worth it.

Don Det is the most touristic island here. Many young backpackers come here to get drunks and take drugs. Everywhere in Laos you can find bars that serve drinks and dishes with the word “happy”. That means that this drink or meal is with marijuana or mushrooms. Or whatever. I met guys who had a bad blackout after having a drink.

And what I miss the most on this island is street food. I searched the whole island. There is no street food place here. Only restaurants. This is not a place to stay from longer…

An old train on Don Det

An old train on Don Det

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