Homemade Garlic-Ginger Paste

Homemade Garlic Ginger Paste

Homemade Garlic-Ginger Paste

Our homemade garlic-ginger paste is a basic ingredient for many Thai dishes. The paste rounds the flavor of many other Asian dishes as well. A must have when you love Asian food.


gluten free Vegan lactose free

10 garlic cloves, chopped
70 g ginger, chopped
70 g galgant, chopped
2 green chilies, without seeds – chopped
3 lemongrass sticks – remove the leaves on the outside
30 g palm sugar
1 tsp salt
1-2 tbs water

Chop the first 4 cm of the lemongrass sticks (from the ground) Add all ingredients to a kitchen machine and mix until you have a smooth paste. Transfer garlic-ginger paste to a jar and leave in the fridge. Keeps fresh for at least two weeks.

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