My thoughts about Bangkok (SEA 30)

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Finally, when I leave Bangkok I have some thoughts about this city and the people who live here.

I´m really shocked that it seems that people here are like robots. Wherever you are, wherever you walk, drive or go. The citizens act mechanical. The traffic, smog and polution makes you shrink your sences. And so the people look to me. When I´m in the MRT or Skytrain it seems like 95 % of all the people are using their smartphones. I know that this is the same in every big city and today also in small villages but here it looks extreme to me. No one is making conversation and no one is reading a book. The electronic devices are ruling the human slaves everywhere.

I´m really happy to travel without my phone and I´m even more excited to go to Myanmar where people are not like electronic zombies jet.

Remember: This trip was in 2013. Things may have changed. Into the better?

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