100,000 Buddhist monks

Up to 100,000 Buddhist monks gathered at a Thai temple to join a ceremony last week. Organizers said it was the world’s largest of its kind.The Wat Phra Dhammakaya temple, 30 miles north of Bangkok, is famed for its enormous golden stupa, which resembles a UFO.

What is Alms Giving?
Giving alms is one of the most common practices among Buddhists and involves devotees providing monks with material goods – usually food.
Many Thai monks rely on receiving alms for their daily meals.
Traditionally, monks leave their monasteries in the morning and walk single-file carrying their alms bowls in front of them, waiting for devotees to fill the bowl.
Buddhists believe the practice creates a spiritual connection between monks and devotees.
It is believed that devotees have a responsibility to support the monks with food, while the monks have a responsibility to support the devotees spiritually.

Pictures by Reuters

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