Koh Lipe: A piece of paradise (SEA 19)

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After one more night on Langkawi and a 45 minutes ride with the speedboat we made our first steps in Thailand. Exactly on Koh Lipe. This 6 km long and 2 km wide island is the perfect place to spend some relaxing days there.

The boarder cross does not exist because of the invisible border on the sea. A guy from the immigration an Koh Lipe collected out passports and gave it back to us with a Thai stamp inside. The first sign about how easy and relaxing live on Koh Lipe is.

We took a long walk on the Sunrise Beach and asked all the bungalow owners on our way who much a night costs. After 1 hour we had a cheap stay in a simple bamboo bungalow with our own shower and toilet.

Finding Street Food here is simple but it is more expensive than on the main land of Thailand. So we had our first Som Tom (Papaya Salad) with Sticky Rice. We bought a bottle of Chang and went down to the beach to see an amazing sunset.

We definitely landed on a piece of paradise here!

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