Love.Food.Asia. Energy Bombs

Love.Food.Asia. Energy Bombs

Who needs muesli or expencive bars when he can have a sticky rice based energy bombs? You can use the bombs for all outdoor activities and sports. It will bring back your energy. 100 % gluten free and vegan! You can use other dried fruits the way you like it! Just give them a try!


gluten free „vegan" lactose free

150 g sticky rice
1 tbs dried dates
1 tbs dried figs
1 tbs palm sugar
1 tbs cashew nuts
1 tbs dried sour cherries
Coconut Flakes

Steam the sticky rice. Dice dates and figs. Crush the nuts in a mortar.

Mix all ingredients and roll to a small ball. Roll the ball in coconut flakes. Roll in cling film to keep it fresh.

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