Secret Places: Hanoi (3)

Best Phở bò in Hanoi

For me a day should start with a beautiful sunrise and a tasty  Phở Bò. If there´s no sunrise Im ok with the soup 😉

I´ve eaten Phở bò all over Vietnam but the best soup you can find in the whole country is in Hanoi. It seems like they put all the vibe and heatbeat of hanoi in this soup. It makes you feel very well after this perfect breakfast.

In Hanoi Phở Bò is served with red chilis, lime quarters, fresh coriander leaves and a homemade garlic and fish sauce mixture.

The best place in Hanoi to eat Phở bò is at the corner Hang Dieu / Bat Dan Street. Normally I was the only western looking guy in this place full of locals.

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