Khmer Spring Rolls with Eggs

Khmer Spring Rolls with Eggs

gluten free lactose free

1 pack of rice papers
100 g minced meat
2 tbs chopped cabbage
3 eggs
1 tbs dried garlic chips
fresh herbs like thai basil, thyme and coriander leaves, minced
1 carrot, grated
5 garlic cloves, minced
neutral oil
1 tsp salt

This is a traditional Khmer spring rolls recipe with minced meat and egg. You can combine it with the kind of vegetables you like. If you use the dried rice paper from the asia supermarket you have to soak them in warm water first.

Beat eggs (save white of one egg) and mix with 1 tsp salt.
Fry eggs from both sides in a pan like an omelette and cut in stripes.
Soak the garlic chips in 1 tbs water and add the cabbage (mix well).
Mix cabbage with mined meat minced garlic cloves and carrots.
Fry the mixture in oil until meat is Brown.
Discard the liquid if there´s some left in the pan.
Now mix meat and cabbage with herbs and the egg stripes.
Soak rice paper and fill with the mixture.
Roll a typical spring roll like we did here.
Use egg white at the end of the rice paper to make it stick together.
Add oil in a pan and fry spring rolls until they are brown and crispy.
Serve with a spicy chili dip like Nam Pla Prik or our Homemade Thai Chili Dip.

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